Saturday, June 28, 2014

Allen Davis presents his book~

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Allen Davis grew up in the West Texas town of Midland. Allen  told PnPAuthors that most readers will remember Midland as the the one time home of President Bush, and his wife Laura as well as the first President Bush. West Texas is known for its oil, cattle ranches and cotton farms and requires its residents to face problems that other areas of the country seldom witness. Normally dry conditions dictate farms that rely on little rainfall which is why cotton is grown. The prairie grass is usually scarce which require huge amounts of land to raise cattle so you won't see many small ranches. The oil industry is either boom or bust. One year the area is booming because of high oil prices then the next year businesses may have to go out of business as oil prices drop.

After graduation from high school in 1971, Allen enlisted in the US Army and served with the Signal Corps in Heidleberg, Germany. After four years of service, h returned home to work in the oilfields until I began a career in the electric power industry.

 He have lived and worked in Mexico, Venezuela, Peoples Republic of China, South Korea and Germany.

 Allen currently is devoting all his time to writing. His hobbies include classic car restoration, home remodeling and gardening. He has two daughters, two grandsons, and his current home is in Southeast Oklahoma.

 Allen has one book, Conchita's Eyes, published in paperback, audiobook and ebook formats.

His second book, Not Our Children, is due to be published by July 1 and will also be released in paperback, audiobook and as an ebook.
Although cataloged as a romance book, Conchita's Eyes is really more of a suspense with a romantic background. It is based in West Texas where ranching and oil is everything - Conchita's Eyes is a story of romance, struggle and the pursuit of a dream. Wayne Masters is coming home after working years away. As a young man, he worked on a ranch until he began a new career that resulted in him being gone for many years. He not only left behind his home but also the first and only love he had ever known. Now, Wayne is in search of a past that's now a blur as a result of an accident. He is being haunted by distant memories of a love gone by and must overcome unimaginable obstacles in his quest to sort out his past. Violent storms, droughts, a dangerous fugitive and  life threatening events all stand in Wayne's path to fulfull his dreams of owning a ranch of his own and having a family with the one woman that he doesn't even remember.
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